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Poultry House Design Expertise: Specialized Solutions for Breeding and Rearing

Reid Engineering has years of expertise with major poultry companies, offering perfected house designs for breeding grandparent, parent, and pullet stock.

As with our commercial egg houses, we offer a number of design options such as different layouts of office, egg store, packing facilities, tunnels and link ups. Houses are also available in a variety of widths and are designed to suit whatever configuration of nest boxes, ventilation and feed equipment our customers wish to use.


All our sites are designed with changing facilities and bio-secure areas allowing you to protect your investment. Our designs will ensure that access to bird areas is easily controllable and that no individual can enter a bio-secure area without passing through a changing and shower facility. All of our internal surfaces are a food-grade standard, easy to keep clean and wash down.

We have recently introduced a PVC ceiling to further enhance hygiene and ambient light.

GRP Houses

Steel Houses

Timber Houses

Bio-Secure Facilities

We only use the best quality materials to create the highest standard of building, constantly pioneering new technologies in order to deliver value for our customers.

We offer a bespoke design service to all of our customers, applying our knowledge and considerable experience to ensure that each building reflects current exacting bio-security specifications and bird welfare standards.

Innovation, Performance & Results

Reid Engineering designed, manufactured and  installed our poultry houses within a 16 week time frame. Allowing for an additional crop cycle, which in turn increased our bottom line.

James Moffatt, Poultry Producer, Hertfordshire, England

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