Livestock Houses

Reid Engineering Ltd has supported the farming industry for more than 40 years. We thrive in giving the best value for money to our customers.

Our business has been involved in the construction and installation of turnkey intensive pig breeding buildings for farrowing, nursery, finisher, and sow housing. Providing a high-quality building using innovative design along with our strong network of world leading suppliers within this industry.

We can offer our customers various building methods including steel frame, kit form timber frame and modular/portable

External Finishes & Internal Trim

Steel Cladding

Cubicle Pens

Timber Houses

Penning Systems

Also providing a wide range of equipment including:

  • Farrowing pens & crates
  • Plastic & concrete slats
  • Penning systems
  • Feeders & feed systems
  • Water bowls & nipple drinkers
  • Insulated panels & penning boards

At Reid Engineering, we specialize in crafting personalized livestock housing solutions. Our bespoke design and build service ensure optimal comfort and efficiency for your valuable livestock.

We only use the best quality materials to create a higher standard of building, constantly pioneering new technologies inorder to deliver value for our customers,

Reduced Operating Costs with Improved Insulation

Our hypertherm house has rasied the standards for insulation and speed in which a house can be built in the steel portal frame sector.

Designed for Welfare and Sustainability

Working with a major processor we were the first company to introduce natural light to brolier houses almost two decades ago. We also have vast experience in designing naturally ventilated houses, helping to reduce the energy requirement of the house. Delivering the best possible value to our customers

Maintenance Free & Weather Proof Materials

Our GRP product has changed the face of timber framed poultry housing. Offering a maintenance free, hygenic low-cost solution.